Energy Capital Solutions for Modern Times


3P Energy Capital is today's capital and strategic advisory source

Our Way of Doing Things

Our 3P not only represents the 3 "P" classifications of energy reserves but it represents today’s paradigm shift in energy capital through its People, Partnerships, and Profit opportunities.


New and active capital players are increasingly focused to risk-adjusted returns, sustainability, technology adoption and tactical investments- opportunities are evident and we are connectors of people, capital and projects

Proven “Best in Class” management teams rise in headwinds, seeing opportunity to innovate and optimize. The “People” in oil and gas provide substantial acceleration opportunities in addressing sustainability objectives  



Tactical – providing multi-faceted solutions partnering capital, strategy, operations and ESG

Constructive approach with partners’ asset allocations alignment and services   

Provide capital and debt options when current equity or credit provider cannot contribute new dollars 


Energy transition adaptation, disruption and repositioning creates strategic investments

Debt shifts are prominent- opportunity for energy credit strategies with commercial debt like structures, priority secured with attractive risk-adjusted returns 

Marketplace has a variety of fixed income “type” structures suited to family offices and risk-adjusted, unitranche structures suited to private capital