Energy Capital Solutions for Modern Times


3P Energy Capital provides unique capital and debt alternatives, refinancing solutions, creditor restructuring services, advisory services and facilitates structured credit sales and acquisitions.

Our Way of Doing Things

Our 3P not only represents the 3 "P" classifications of energy reserves but it represents today’s paradigm shift in energy capital through its People, Partnerships, and Profit opportunities.


New and active capital players are increasingly focused to risk-adjusted returns, sustainability, technology and tactical investments- opportunities are evident and we are connectors of people and projects

Proven “Best in Class” management teams rise in headwinds and present tremendous opportunities to accelerate through strategic capital investments

Team specialization and innovative contributors present investment opportunities as the sector positions for the energy transition  


Collaborative solutions are available with teams,  capital partners and advisors- partnering for optimal results

Tactical – solving for multi-faceted solutions on both sides of transactions for mutually beneficial results

Constructive approach with multiple asset allocations among partners aligned to investment objectives 

Optionality when current equity or credit provider cannot take additional balance sheet risks


Access transactable, structured deal flow with optimal entry and exit alternatives

Capitalize on energy credit strategies – commercial debt like structures, priority secured with equity “like” returns (amortizing principal return, hedged, optimal asset coverage, and covenanted)

Favorable equity conversion potential at 2-3X cash flow and based on reduced terminal values, IRR and MOIC fitting to alternative capital

Marketplace has a variety of opportunities with fixed income “type” structures preferred by many investors