Our clients

E&P and Midstream Clients

We primarily work with firms in new capital, recapitalization, refinancing, strategic advisory, ESG implementation and standards’ assessments, and customized sell-side advisories. 

Commercial Banks

We create sell down or exit optionality by serving as a market conduit to best fit debt acquirers, accessing a variety of recovery options and addressing preferred structure nuances to timely execute your strategic and risk management objectives. Additionally, we can help with a dysfunctional bank syndicate providing new debt partners or reducing a participating bank’s hold. 

Investment Banks

We engage with investment banks assisting in client’s objectives in energy credit instruments, specialized financing, new capital, re-caps and sourcing joint venture partners. 

Private Equity/Family Offices

We represent private equity and family offices in sourcing investment opportunities, evaluating debt and portfolio strategies, and execution of key portfolio risk assessment and management.

Specialized Funds

We partner with specialized funds in sourcing, evaluating investments and maneuvering strategic opportunities in acquisition of energy credit or placement of energy debt instruments and asset acquisitions. Additionally, we consult on energy credit platform buildouts, business development and portfolio management practices in funds entry or expansion in energy alternative capital.